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Through the use of principles normally applied to high-level dignitary protection operations, we provide a safe environment that allows educators to teach and students to learn. Our highly-skilled staff possess a unique skill set in this field and are passionate about their calling to provide a worry-free school environment and protect our most valuable assets.

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During a time when circular arguments continue to occur about school safety and security, we leave the debating to others and simply do what we do best...protect.

We are a Kansas City area based company with documented extensive law enforcement experience in the fields of critical incident resolution and dignitary protection, This allows us to provide the highest level of protection. The protection that your family deserves.

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We are at a point when it is clear that our schools have to provide better security solutions that protect our children and school staff members in a proactive way. The only measure that truly accomplishes student safety and school security is having a highly trained and capable professional on-site. By applying dignitary protection techniques we are able to deter or diffuse these rapidly unfolding critical incidents before they gain momentum and impact innocent lives. We do this in a low-profile manner, with minimal impact on the day-to-day operations of the school. The school is able to maintain the warm environment that they seek, with the knowledge that they are being fully protected. Our staff has the training and experience to adeptly walk that fine line.


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